The founders

The team behind Savvy Copenhagen is Kevin and Nikolaj. We wanted our love for the environment and interest in fashion to merge and came up with the idea for this company. The name Savvy is a synonym for the “experienced, knowledgeable and well-informed” and represents our desire to educate people and help them make better decisions. Decisions made with respect for quality and a sustainable future. Copenhagen was included, because Copenhagen plays a major role towards a more sustainable clothing industry – something we are proud to be part of.

We cooperate with an award-winning factory that produces our entire collection in India. Our production line carries six certificates, which is your guarantee that we stick to our promises about sustainability and a responsible business. Read more about our certificates and learn more about how our clothes are being produced by clicking the certificates. Welcome to our web shop – let’s get sustainable.

 Savvy Copenhagen – Dress Responsibly

founders of savvy copenhagen kevin nikolaj

100% Organic cotton

100% Sustainable production

Highest labor standards worldwide

Certified production process

Worlds best basic wear

Fair prices